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This jump happened in Saudi Arabia with the help of an amazing lad named Mincho. My trip to the Middle East was filled with wonderful moments, beautiful views and kind connections all around. I will return someday to find out more about life on the Red Sea. April 2014.

Short Distance Flights, #10. An amazing batch of young, old and wild. March 2014.

Short Distance Flights, batch 9. Feb 2014.

Short distance flights, batch 8. Guess which one is an actual pilot. Feb 2014.

Short distance flights. Batch #7. Pairs. Jan 18th and 19th, 2014.

The first of its kind in this series and the first “flight” of the new year, this outdoor bed jump in Tulum, Mexico was amazing and made no sense to the people behind us. Jan 2014.

Last batch of “flights” for 2013. Everyone who has participated thus far has shown such willingness to go above and beyond a simple bounce. One young man got in on this project for grown-ups because he brought his own jump prop. Dec 2013.

Batch 5 of Short Distance Flights. Dec 2013.

Batch 4 of Short Distance Flights. Dec 2013.

Batch 3 of Short Distance Flights. Dec 2013.